El Gran Jaguar

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3D Art Mayan

El Gran Jaguar

The Temple of the Great Jaguar: This is my first 3D art based on my country, Guatemala.

Inside the sinuous jungle of Peten you can find the ruins of Tikal, the center of power of the Mayan Civilization, and in this city we can encounter ‘El Gran Jaguar’ or ‘Templo I’, This Temple was built around 730 A.D. It rises 44 meters off the ground. This temple is called El Gran Jaguar for having a jaguar carved on the lintel of the main door, also It was the ceremonial center for various rituals and was considered the gate to the underworld.

Curious fact: the Mayan God Chac Bolay is the Jaguar God that represents the travel of the sun in the underworld.

All this information was recollected from articles in ”LiveScience”, “MitologiaInfo” & “Asociaciontikal “.

To make this 3D representation I researched the dimensions and planes of the temple, also I read some researches about the restoration and how people think that its look like in the past; I used Blender for modelling because I wanted to test the program, sincerely the key shortcuts of this program is not really my taste 😅 (I just tested it once, so this may change in the future), so in this project all the other complex things I made it in Autodesk Maya, rendering in V-Ray and the editing in Photoshop.

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