La Louisette - 3D Art

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“The Louisette” commonly known as “The Guillotine”, I created a 3D representation of the ancient decapitation tool used in France in the late 18th century.

The reason it is called the guillotine is attributed to the physician and politician Joseph-Ignace Guillotin. He appealed to the French Constituent Assembly to treat prisoners more humanely, proposing a method he considered more “humane” for capital punishment. Before the reform, the effectiveness of capital punishment was dependent on the skill of the executioner, such as with the use of the axe or firing squad. Although Joseph proposed the idea and contributed to the law for noble reasons, he was not the inventor of the guillotine.

The task of creating the guillotine was entrusted to the French surgeon and military officer Antoine Louis, hence its original name “La Lousette.” Louis drew inspiration from other machines with a similar principle that served similar purposes in other countries, such as the “Scottish Maiden” in Edinburgh and the “Gibbet of Halifax” in England. Some adjustments were made, replacing the crescent-shaped blade with a triangular one for a clean and swift cut.

Capital punishment was abolished in France in 1981. Unfortunately, Joseph’s name would forever be associated with the machine that took the lives of thousands of people.

I created this 3D Art with Autodesk Maya, V-ray, Substance Painter, Photoshop & Quixel. I hope you like it.

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